Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Too Soon

I must admit I was a bit too soon to get bullish. Those ten stocks got hammered pretty good, except Q only a little and XOM went up a bit. The October 1929 crash didn't bottom out until the summer of 1932 (and the market peak was earlier in 1929). Three years from the October 2007 peak would be late 2010 - another two years away. I hope it's not that bad, but hey could be.

My seven year old daughter is mad for Skechers shoes. They are very cheap, sold at JC Penny's and outlet stores. The company is SKX, founded not too long ago and run out of Manhattan Beach. Their shoes are made in China, most or maybe all. SKX is trading well below book value and has a P/E of 6. People can only put off buying shoes for so long, and I should think cheap ones would be attractive in a recession. SKX traded today just under $10.