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Free Ukulele Tab Links

These tabs are for high G (gCEA) tuned ukes, unless otherwise noted. Some give full tablature, others just the chords and lyrics. All are free downloads, unless otherwise noted.


808 Uke Jams (Maui) - Christmas
Alex W.'s Tabulaturen - in German, ADF#B tuning, La Vie En Rose, Tico Tico
BasikUke - songs and riffs
Berkeley Ukulele Club - Friend of the Devil, etc.
Betty Lou's - rock, pop, oldies, etc.
Mike Bonnice - Hawaiian
Brook Adams, Ukulaneys, Eugene, OR
Beatles - fancy web site!
Big Muffin - includes some chord melody tabs
Jim Bottorff - for plectrum banjo, charts work also for ukes
Bristol Ukulele Band - popular songs
Bytown Ukulele Group - pop, classic rock, long list
Capotasto - Morning Has Broken, Scarborough Fair, etc.
Chordie - huge selection, transposes, GCEA and ADF#B tunings
Combative Ukulele - Clash, U2, etc.
Crazydawg - full tabs, many w/video
Jerry Dallal's Christmas Carols for Uke
Doctor Uke - folk and standards - big collection
Dominator - many charts, nice
Durham Ukulele Group - mostly swing
ezFolk - traditional folk songs
Fleabag songbook of traditional folk songs, plus chord charts
Richard G - another Richard G (not me) -- classic rock mostly
Got A Ukulele - easy charts for pop, folk, country, Hawaiian
Howlin' Hobbit - orginals
Huapala - Hawaiian, very extensive, mostly lyrics
Jazz Guitar Resources - uke chord and melody arrangements
Ed Kalua - folk
Kanikapila US Lyrics and Chords - Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, etc.
Karuah Ukulele Group (Australia) - standards and more
Kolohe Ukulele Club Songbook
Live 'Ukulele - pop, Hawaiianm both songsheets and tab
Mele 'Ohana - Hawaiian, even some large print
Ken Middleton - bluegrass & celtic, also fills and endings
Music-Folk-Play-Hymns - hymns
PDF-Minstrel - fingerpicking, public domain songs
New Orleans Jambook = jazz
Pineapple Pete - Inchworm and We'll Meet Again
Répertoire des Tablatures - many recent (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Coldplay, etc.)
Sacred uke - hymns etc.
ShadowFlare - video game themes, etc.
Sheep Entertainment - play along
Song Trellis chord changes for many standards
Sonic Uke - covers and parodies
Spike - Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins, etc.
SUSA - Salem, Oregon - many charts, with uke chord boxes
TabUkulele - French language
The Uke - old songs
Tiki King - unique
Tiny Tim - Living in the Sunlight (ADF#B tuning)
Joseph Todaro - assorted fingerpicking, even ragtime
Tropical Storm - Hawaiian
U for Ukulele - kid lessons
Uke_lady - "Sweet Leilani" plus many $3 tabs
Ukeland - even some lead sheets
Ukepix - folk songs
Ukester Brown - standards, oldies
Ukucafe - in French
Ukuke - old pop songs, good stuff
Ukulele Boogaloo - large collection of songs with chord diagrams. Some with sound files.
Ukulele Boudoir - vintage songs, with full tabs and video, nice
Ukulele Chords - contemporary rock and pop chord sheets
Ukulele Club Songbooks - so many!
Ukulele Dave, fingerpicking, in French
Ukulele Hunt - Oingo Boingo, Misfits
Ukulele Jazz and Swing - jazzy arrangements (low G)
Ukulele Social Club de Picardie - French, English, videos - general rock and pop, chords and words
Ukulele Strummers - Hawaiian
Ukulele-Tabs - large collection, mostly recent songs
Ukulele Tab (German) - Beatles, etc. some w/video - current pop hits
Ukulele WikiWiki - easy strumming
Vancouver (BC) Ukulele Circle - Xmas
Ukulele Guild - Hawaiian

Uke Chords

UkuleleChords - GCEA chords, including m7b5 and such
Ukuke - chord charts and downloadable chord boxes
Michelle Kiba's Student Ukulele Chord Chart (pdf)
Brian's Chord List
Sheep Entertainment
UkeGeeks - chord tools
Ukulele Chord Chart
The CHORDS Page (extensive)
Ukulele Chord Generator
4-string Chord Name Finder
Free Blank Tab paper

Old Sheet Music

UCLA Digital Library Sheet Music Project
UCLA Sheet Music Consortium
Duke Historic American Sheet Music
Duke sheet music collection - 1920 and earlier
Lester Levy Sheet Music Archive (Johns Hopkins)
Indiana University Sheet Music Collection
Templeton Sheet Music Library (MS State)
U. of Colorado digitized sheet music - pre-1923
The National Jukebox - Library of Congress, old public domain recordings

Instructional Videos

Easy Ukelele
Franklin's strumming video lessons
Richard Hefner's Strumming Patterns for the Ukulele
Janet Klein "Tonight You Belong To Me" - ADF#B tuning
Jeffrey Thomas - contemporary pop
Ukulele Mike Lynch
Ukulele Underground

Additions welcome! Please email me.

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