Carrot Richard Gillmann's Vegetarian Restaurant Guide

My wife Shelly is a vegetarian. When we go travelling we try to find vegetarian restaurants to eat at, or at least restaurants with some vegetarian entrees. While I myself am not a vegetarian, I don't mind having a vegetarian meal now and then. I thought it might be useful to share some of what we learned during our travels.

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One thing I've learned is that there are different kinds of vegetarians. Shelly is the ovo/lacto kind, eggs and cheese ok. Another stricter kind is vegan (with a hard g) which nixes the eggs and cheese. Then there are the fruitarians - oh it just goes on and on. My pages here are oriented to the ovo/lacto variety of vegetarianism.

Check out my guide to vegetarian family meals and menus, useful for the new family cook.

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