Chris Proctor

Proctor portrait "Chris is an excellent guitarist, one of the finest that these ears have heard, and listening to his songs you can't help but wonder if you're hearing just one musician or a whole roomful of fingerpickers." -- Dirty Linen



Chris Proctor is one of this country's most acknowledged performers and composers for the steel-string guitar. He has toured the United States, Canada, and Mexico, has released five recordings of his original compositions and arrangements and three books of his transcriptions, and has taught his techniques through hundreds of guitar workshops and through authoring numerous articles for guitar publications such as Acoustic Guitar and Fingerstyle Guitar. His compositions are noted for their lyricism and strong melodies, while his guitar technique is set apart by his extensive use of alternate tunings and by his pioneering applications of mutes, slides, partial capos, and the electric violin bow. He is a Flying Fish and Windham Hill recording artist, and former U.S. National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion.

Chris plays and endorses Taylor guitars. He plays both 6 and 12 string. He makes his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Chris asked me to include links to Rounder Records, and Mel Bay.


His Journey Home, Flying Fish CD471 (1989)
Steel String Stories, Flying Fish CD554 (1990)
The Delicate Dance/Runoff, Flying Fish CD357 (1983/5)
This CD combines two earlier LPs. The first ten cuts are from Runoff and the rest are from The Delicate Dance. Travelogue, Flying Fish CD633 (1994)
The Winfield Winners (CD/tab book anthology), John August/Mel Bay Publications 1-800-66-GUITAR (1995)
Only Now, Flying Fish CD FF665 (1997)

Chris also has tab books out: Travelogue, Fingerstyle Magic, Runoff. An Only Now book is coming in September. You can write to Chris at Box 520301, Salt Lake City, UT 84152 if you wish to order stuff directly from him. Be nice and enclose a SASE.

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