Hearst's "Eye Magazine" 1968-1969

Eye Magazine was put out by the Hearst Corporation in the 1960s as their take on youth culture. It is unintentionally hilarious, with many silly articles like what car is for you according to your astrological sign. It's a large format (10.5" x 13.5") like Life Magazine was. It does have some excellent graphics - Beatles Blue Meanies posters and such. Most issues came with a poster. One came with a record and one with a comic book. The last three had no insert. There are only 15 issues altogether, so it's easy to collect them all.

Prices are typical ones for copies in excellent condition with and without the included poster (1968 issues), record (1/69) or comic book (2/69). The last three issues were published without these.

IssueInsertCover Avg. Price
Mar/68 V1#1Psychedelic posterParachutists $69/$17
April/68 V1#2Rockpile poster Peter Fonda? and woman $27/$26
May/68 V1#3Mick Jagger posterMotorcyclists $26/$20
June/68 V1#4Jimi Hendrix poster Graduate in cockpit $50/$20
July/68 V1#5Janis Joplin foldout Woman in pink swimsuit $49/$20
Aug./68 V1#6Beatles Blue Meanies Woman with curly hair $49/$13
Sep./68 V1#7Bob Dylan poster John Lennon $46/$24
Oct./68 V1#8Tarot poster Magician and woman $20/$19
Nov./68 V1#9Aretha Franklin poster Beach Boys $29/$15
Dec./68 V1#10Christmas posterCandy Bergen $44/$20
1/69 V2#1Kooper/BST Record Brunette in sweater $52/$35
Spiderman comic Couple in fur and velvet $45/$18
MARCH 1969
No insert Rolling "Stones" $22
APRIL 1969
No insert Woman with "The Pill" $29
MAY 1969
No insert S*xy N*ce G*rl $29

Where to Buy Them Now?

Flea markets and ebay seem are the best bets - and the back of your closet! Here's an ebay search you can use:

Ebay search for Eye Magazine

Be aware that there were other magazine with this name: a girlie magazine from the 1950s, a Canadian music magazine and a glossy design magazine that still is published.

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