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I have an Advanced Class amateur radio license, which I love, as it is no longer issued but I am grandfathered in. I had to pass a 13wpm code test to get it (back in the day).

Former call back in California N6MPP. Hams that I knew back there: Billy N6NLE (SK), Randy KN6W, Don NA6Z. Years earlier I had a novice call but I have forgotten what it was. Might've even been a Tech there at one point. I remember helping my friend B.A. WB0FVK (SK) build a helical vertical when we lived in Boulder, Colorado. At KBCS, Sam N7FDU is a ham.

After I sold my old Icom IC-02AT 2m handheld, which I used for packet radio back in L.A. in the 1980s, I was rigless for awhile. Now I have met a new bunch of hams and have gotten a new HT, a Yaesu FT2DR (2m and 70cm) and a Comet SMA-24 magnetic antenna that sticks to the top of my car. A tip o' the hat for getting me going to Wes AA7OK, Phil AF7GY, Herb W7ZF and Cindy KL7AD. My new radio supports APRS and you might spot me on aprs.fi.

Local Amateur Radio Clubs

Puget Sound Area Repeaters

  • 145.33– PL179.9 K7NWS Tiger Mtn (Boeing Employees ARS)
    » NW inland regional net 7am to 8am daily
    » Wednesday evening net 6:30pm
  • 146.34+ PL100.0 K6RFK Woodinville
  • 146.82– PL103.5 K7LED Squak Mtn (Mike and Key ARC)
    » Quick message traffic net at 5:30 pm daily
  • 147.08+ PL103.5 W7WWI Cougar Mtn
    » WW ATV net (audio portion) Wed & Sat at 8pm
    » Roundtable Net: Mon-Fri at 8am
  • 147.26+ PL103.5 KF7NPL Maple Valley
    » Social net: Tuesdays at 8pm, then 146.54 simplex
  • 440.075+ PL103.5? N7OEP Mt. Baldi - Yaesu System Fusion C4FM Wires-X
    » System Fusion weekly net, 5pm Saturdays on CQ-America Room 21000
  • 441.100+ PL156.7 K7BEL Bellevue
    » Net 2nd Thursdays at 6:30pm
  • 441.550+ PL103.5 W7WWI Cougar Mtn
  • 441.625+ PL100.0 W7TWA Mt. Baldi
  • 441.800+ PL141.3 W7AW Highpoint W. Seattle ARC
    » Weekly net 6:30pm Monday
  • 441.825+ PL103.5 KE7GFZ Cougar Mtn (Snoqualmie Valley ARC)
    » Club net Tuesdays at 7pm (visitors welcome)
    » Club net Thursdays at 8pm except 1st Thursday (visitors welcome)
    » 8:15am ragchew daily
    » Radio Club of Redmond QSO party Mondays 7:30 to 8 pm
    » Roadrunner net, Spokane, Sundays 7am-8am
  • 442.125+ PL103.5 KF7BIG? Issaquah EMCOMM net Sunday at 6:50pm?
  • 442.300+ PL123.0 N9VW Issaquah
  • 443.250+ PL103.5 KE7GFZ Duvall Snoqualmie Valley ARC solar powered
  • 443.325+ PL103.5 N6OBY Redmond Redmond ARES
    » Redmond ARES net, Sundays at 7:30pm (visitors welcome)
  • 444.525+ PL103.5 N7KGJ Squak Mtn (fire repeater)

Puget Sound Nets

Yaesu FT2D stuff



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