"Killing You Softly With My Song"
A parody by Shelly Schiner Gillmann, Copyright © 1999

Parody to original work by Lori Lieberman

I want to sing a good song, I want to sing with style
So I became a camper, to learn a little while
I caome expecting, hoping, but everything comes out wrong

Strumming in pain with my fingers, singing a note out of tune
Killing you softly with my song, killing you softly with my song
Telling my whole life in bad rhymes, killing you softly with my song.

It's not like in my shower, where I'm always sounding cool
I chuck while others go boom, triple time when it's in two
I try to write a song here, and I fall in love with all the words I write so I put way too many in a line.


I fell all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd
The student concert pressure... Do have I have to sing out loud?
You pray that soon I finish, but I'm going on and on and on.


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