Richard Gillmann's Top Folk Airplay Lists
DJ Playlist Formats

Here is a list of DJ playlist formats. There are over 200 names. 
That doesn't mean that 200 DJs submitted playlists in the last month; 
it's the total number of DJs that have submitted a playlist since 2006. During 
a typical month, there might be 150 different DJs posting playlists, of 
which my programs understand about 120, as about 20% are "nixed." If you 
are "nixed" please see the FAQ for possible reasons.

Here are what the codes mean:

a = artist
r = artist in the form lastname, firstname (not recommended)
c = album (CD) name 
s = song 
l = record label 
L = optional record label 
9 = a number 
\n = a new line 
~ = tab
T = table format
& = additional format
Nix = playlist not being tallied

(This list is from December 31, 2017)
Abby Esty; MWB98: \na, "s", c, l
Abby Parks: 9.~a - s (c)&a - s (c)
Al Kniola; acanola: a~s~c~L
Alan Hossack: \n9-a-s-c
Allan Nelson; allan nelson: a-s-c-l
Allen Larman; folkscene; FolkScene: \na - s\n\n\nc (L
Allison Brock; Radio Brock: A - s - c - l
Amanda Lynn Stubley; Amanda-Lynn Stubley: \na / c/ s&a / c / s / L
Amy & Travis Luncan; Luncan: s / a / c / l&s - a - c - L
Andrew Antipin; ANDREW: a~s~c~L
Andrew Doerr; Andy Doerr: a  s  c  l
Andy Dooley-Miller: \na\ns\nc\nL
Angela Page; Angie Page; angela page: \na "s" fXom "c" on L
Anne Fuller: a / s / c / 9l&a,s,c,9l
Anne Weatherby: a / s / c / l
Annie Keville; Annie A. Keville: a/s/c/l
Ari Goldberg: a/s/c/l
Art Menius; art@APPALSHOP.ORG: a / s / c / l
Art Podell: s/a/c/L
Arthur Berman; aberman: a/s/c/L
Arthur Dean; Art Dean; Apnsdean; apnsdean; 000003a7fdec0238-dmarc-request: \na  s\n  c  l&\na???? s\n?????????Xc???? l
Arthur Elliott; Arthur William Elliott; arthur elliott: a / s / c / l
Artie Martello; martello: \na/s/c
Ary Smith; smith.ary: a / s / c / l
Barbara Trumpinski-Roberts; barbara trumpinski-roberts; wmwweft: a/s/c/9/L
Barry Allen; barry allen: a - s (c)
Barry Parks: \na/s/c/l
Ben Sands; BEN SANDS: a - s - c
Beth Anne Austein; Austein, Elizabeth: 9. a: "s" c (9l
Betsi Meissner; Meissner, Betsi: a/ s/ c/ l
Bettie Carlson: *a* "s" fXom XX *c* on *l*&*a* "s" fXom *c* on *l*
Bill Garrett: a/s/c
Bill Hahn; bill hahn; billh891: A~~s~c~L&A~s~c~L&\nA\ns\nc\nL
Bill Revill: a "s" XXXX c (9) XX l
Bill Stuart; ukidnme; Ukidnme; William Stuart: a\nc\ns
Bill Wagman; William Wagman: a / s / c / l
Blair Larsen; blair larsen: \ns  a  c
Bob Barden: 9.. s  a  c  L
Bob Blackman; Blackman; blackman: "s," a, C (l)
Bob Brown: \na\ns\n\n"c"\n(l)
Bob Gregory: s, a, c
Bob Heyer: 9.s/ a/ c&9.s\na\nXlbum: c
Bob Janis: 9- A - s - (c)
Bob McWilliams; McWilliams: \nXXXXXX9:9PM\n\n  s\n  a\n  c 209L&\n  s\n  a\n  c  9L
Bob Weiser; bob weiser; BOB WEISER/WBRS: \na / s / c / 9/ L
Bob Weiser; bob weiser; BOB WEISER; theoldsongshome/WOMR: a "s" XXXX c (9) XX l
Brad Edmondson: a/ s/ c
Bradley Kolodner; Brad Kolodner: a - s - c
Brenda & Roman Tacik; Reginas MightyShores; Aaron Nathans; Deeper Well: A - s\nc
Broadway Jim: a/s/c
Bruce Cameron; brucecameron; Come All Ye: s / a / c / L
Bruce Hayden: s~~a\nc
Bryan French: a/c/s/L
Bud Johnson: a - s - c - l
Caroline Doctorow: a / s / c&s-a-c-L
Carolyn VandeWiele: [9] R/s\nc/l
Charlie Backfish; CBackfish; cbackfish; 00000107af83d621-dmarc-request: a, s (C, l
Charlie Hansen; cwhansen: 9.s/a/c/L
Chris King: \na\n\ns\n\nc\n\nL
Chris Kocher: a - s (c)
Chris Trostel; trostel: s / a / c
Chrisana McGill; cmcgill: \na- s\nc - L&\na - s\n\nc - L
Christian Rath: A: s (c, l
Christine Lavin: Nix - sadly must nix because irregular format without punctuation, esp. between album name and label
Cindy Funk; cindyfunk; Chuck McCabe: a - s - c
Cindy Murray-Hayden; Cindy Hayden: \na / s / c / L
Clint Harding; The Voice: a: s (c/L)
Clytia Fuller; clytia: a "s" XXXX c on l
Colin Fielding; colin fielding; COLIN FIELDING: \na / s / c / L
Craig Huegel; Huegelc5; huegelc55; 000001fee0f5ff54-dmarc-request: a/s/c/l
Crystal Sarakas: \na - s\n\nc (l&\na - s\nc (l
Dale Gowin; Dale R. Gowin: \na: s (c - l)
Dan Alloway: a: s-c (L)
Dan Murphy: Nix - new format full of garbage characters
Dan Ross; dan ross: 9a/s/c/l
Danny Watson: a / s / c / l
Darla Novak; Tom Leonardi; Grant Johnston; Grant W. Johnston: a "s fXom c on L
Darwin Davidson; DARWINDAVIDSON: a,s,c,l&a "s" fXom "c" on l&a / s / c / L
Dave Aton: a -- s -- c
Dave Butler; DAVE BUTLER: a - c - l\n\ns
Dave Hardy: a - s - c
David Buskin: 9) a/ s/ c
David John; davidjon; david john: a/s/c/l
David Sears; dsears: 9/9/9:9XX\ns\na\nc\nl&\n~s  a  c  L&\n~s\n\n~a\n\n~c\n\n~l
Deadwood Dick; Richard Nagle: T asc
Denis McKay; Denis and Lynda McKay; denis and lynda: a; ;s;c;L&a;s;c;L
Dennis Brunnenmeyer: 9:9XX / a / s / c / L
Dennis & Judy Cook; Dennis Cook: a ~s ~c ~l
Devin Adams: \na - s - c
Devon Leger: a/s/c
Diane Crowe: A - s - c - l
Diane Hunt: a "s fXom c
Diane Karl; Diane M. Karl: a / s / c / L
Diane Rae: a/s/c/L
Dick Hermans: a - s - c - L
Don Charles; Bill Rayner; doghelp: a  S  c/L
Don Jacobson; Don S. Jacobson: a "s" fXom c (XX) on l
Donna Mavity: a / s / c
Doug Dick; Douglas Dick; cddick: a/s/c/l
Doug Tucker; chainsaw881: a/s/c
Doug Young; iceman: a, s, c, l
Ed McDonald: \na / s / c / l
Ed Mellnik: a "s"XXXXXc on l&a/s/c/l
Eddie O'Strange; Blue Smoke Music: Nix - no album name given
Ellen Ellis; ellen ellis: a / s / c / L
Ellen Stanley: \na\ns\nc\nl
Frank Gosar; Frank A. Gosar; fgosar; Frank & Denise Gosar: a - s - c - L
Frank Hoppe; Frank P. Hoppe; fphoppe: a ~ s (l) c
Fred the Eternal Snail: a/s\n  c/l
Fred Dolan: \na\ns\nc\nl
Fred Frawley; fredfr: a "s" fXom "c
Fred J. Alvarez; Fred J: \na- s\nXXbumXXc
Fred McCormick: a/s/c
Gail Comfort; studio16a; Studio16a: a - s\n(c)&\na - s\n\n(c)
Gary Crouth: a - s\n~c - l&a - s\n  c - l
Gary Harrison; elranchogrande: 9.a/s/c/l
Gary Irving; GARY IRVING; rootsdj: a / s / c / L
Gaye Auxier; tgifolk: a/s/c
Gene Endres; Eugene Endres: a/s/c/l
Gene Shay; GeneS5: 9:9XX a - s - c
George Brown; George W. Brown; GBrown3: s / a / c / l
George Maida: a-s-c-L
Gerd Stassen; stassen: A --- s\nc --- (L
Gerrie Blake: a / "s" / c / l
Gerry Goodfriend; GGOODFRIEND: a - s\n\nc (l)&a - s\nc (l)
Ginger Hopper; ghstudent2: X\na\ns\nc
Glen Hatchell: a~/~s~/~c
Graham and Barbara Dean; gbdean: s, a, c, l
Graham McDonald; Graham.McDonald; Graham_McDonald: s / a / c / L
Graham Rice: s - a\n>FXom XXX XXXXX: c (L)
Greg Harness: a | s | c | L
Greg Priddy: a | s | c | l&a - s - c - l
Greg Schatzmann; Sunday Coffee House; Sunday CoffeeHouse: a/s/c/l
Greg Shaya: \ns / a / c
Greg Torrington: Nix - no song name given
Hal Durden: a\s\c
Harlon Joye; SHeartfiel; sheartfiel; 000002de2663cad5-dmarc-request: s\A\c\l
Hansjoerg Malonek; hajomalo: \na/ s/c/ l
Heather Miller: a / s / c
Heinrich Wesolly: 9.) A / s / c / l
Henk de Weerd/Midnight: 9a, s, c, l
Henk de Weerd: a, s, c, l
Henry Hallett: \na\ns\nc\nl
Holly Tannen: a/s/c/l
Ian Zolitor: \n9:9:9a -s - c
Jamie Hoover; JAMIE HOOVER: a-s-c
Jan Hall; Jan Andrea Hall: \na\ns\nc
Jan Nary; jnarypr: \ns\n\na\n\nc
Jan Vanderhorst; CKPC Production: Nix - does not include album name
Jared Ingersol: \na / s / c / L
Jay Foyston: a/s/c
Jean Geiger; jeankbcs: a \ s \ c
Jeanne Holton: \na - c - s&\na\ns\nc
Jeff Brown: s, a, c
Jeff Eads: \ns\na\nc
Jeff Parker: a/s/c
Jeff Robson; TELLTHEBANDTOGOHOME: a - s - c - l
Jeff Zolitor; Jeff H Zolitor: \n9.s *- a - c&s *- a - c
Jeffrey Gill: a/s/c
Jenni Peal; Jenni Mansfield Peal: 9.) s, a; c
Jenny Flux; grassroots2air: a/s/c/L
Jeremy Butler: a, "s," c (l)
Jeremy Gosek: a - s - c
Jesse Ballew; Liz Meyer: 9. A) s - C , l
Jessica Ellis-Wilson; JB WUMD: \na/s/c/L
Jim Canales: 9.a - s - c - l&a - s - c - l
Jim Chatfield; BASSment: a/s/c
Jim Colbert: \na\ns\nc\nl
Jim Dubinsky; dubinsky: a  s  c  l
Jim Fisher; jimfisher: \na/s/c/l
Jim Gilliland: a - s - c
Jim Kloss and Esther Golton; Jim Kloss; Whole Wheat Radio: a/s/c
Jim Marino: - a\nc\ns	- a/c/s/L&   - a\n  c\n  s&a/c/s/L
Jim Monaghan: Nix - no album name given
Jim Rogers; James Rogers; wiupjim: a\ns\nc
Jim Samuelson; Bignote: a/s/c
Jim Schwall: A "s" XXXX "c" (9) XX l
Jim Sigler; Sigler, Jim; jsigler: \na - s\n\n9---c - l
Jo Beattie: a/s/c/9/l
Joe Cline; This Old Porch: XXXXXXXX; a; s; c
Joe Colvin: \n  a\n  s\n  c
Joe Gierlach; WRFL Americana: a~s~c
Joe H. Takacs/Blue Yodel: s/a/c
Joe H. Takacs: Nix - forwarded playlists, various formats
Joe Lewis: a/s/c
Joe Pszonek; Joseph Pszonek; Joltin Joe: | a | s | c |&a / s /Xc
Joel Wortzman; jwortzman: \na - s - c - l
Johanna Halbeisen; johanna.newsong: s, a.  c
John Bommarito; JohnBommarito; folkmd-at-whfr: a-s-c-l
John C. Falstaff: a  s  c  L&a~s~c~l
John Hart: Nix - no song name given, may be like Dan Murphy watch out
John Kalb; John D. Kalb: a - s\n  c - l
John Lupton and George Mercer; John Lupton: a/s/c/l
John Mazza; jmazza: A-s\nc-l
John McLaughlin; john-mclaughlin: a - s - c - l
John Patterson: a / s / c / l
John Patterson; Henry Koretzky; HENRY KORETZKY; hrk2: 9. a, "s,"c (l
John Platt: Nix - artist name too often split in two, was \ns  a\nc
John & Maureen Rumsey; John Rumsey; mojorum: a,s,c,l
John Sillberg: s / a / c
John Sincock; JOHN SINCOCK: a/s/c/l
John Sloan; JOHN SLOAN: s / a / c / l
John Trout: Nix - no delimiter, not even a space, between fields
John Weingart; Veryseldom; veryseldom: a\ns\nc\n(l
John Wright; jhwright: a,s,c,l
Johnny Bazzano: a - s - c - L
Jonathan Mernit: a - s - c - L
Jon 'Chip' Colcord; wnecacoustic; outofthewoodsradio: \na - s - c - L
Jon Kiger; jonkiger: a -- s -- c -- l
Jon Stein; J. W. Stein; J.W.Stein; musicnow: a/s/c/L
Jude & Mart Fowler; fowlermj: a / s / c / l
Judith Gennett; columbia gypsy; gennett: a--s--c--l
Julie Hill; J.V. Hill: 9. a / s / c / l
Juergen Kramer; J.Kramer; j.kramer: a - s - c - l
Justin Helmer:  a "s" fXom "c" on l
Karen Impola: \ns\nA\nc\nl
Karen Rakos; karen rakos: a / s / c / l
Karyn Oliver: a/s/c
Kate McNally; bunkymckate: s/a/c/l
Katie and Tim Dawson: a/s/c
Keao Wright: a/s/c
Kelley Martin: a/s/c
Kelly Moore and Alex Renwick; Kelly Moore: 9:9PM- a / s [c] on the l
Kelly Walker: a "s"c (l&a "s"c
Ken Batista; Kenneth Batista; Kenneth N Batista: a - s\n~~c - l
Ken Brock/Shelf: T asc
Ken Brock: a / s / c / l
Ken Campbell: a/s/c/l
Ken Connors: s/a/c
Ken Nagelberg: a/s/c/9/L
Ken Weiner; folkmd: a "s" XXXX c on L
Ken Yavit; KenY7744; Transitions: \na\n\ns\n\nc\n\nl&\na\ns\nc\nl
Kent Anderson: a, s, c
Kevin Elliott: a "s" fXom c on l
Kevin Vance; KVance6453; kevin vance: \n9:9PM\na\ns\nc\nl&\n9:9:9\na\ns\nc\nl&\na\ns\nc\nl
Kit Kelt; Ceangal Ceilteach: a, s, c
Larry Hillberg; larry hillberg: a "s" fXom "c" on L
Larry Hoyt; newfolknow; 0000352da36a54d9-dmarc: \ns\n\nXXXXXX:\na\n\nXXXXX:\nc&\ns\nXXXXXX:a\nXXXXX:c&a - s - c
Larry Roberts: 9a, s, c, l
Laura Summerfield: \na / s / c / l
Laurel Paulson-Pierce; veraloe: Nix - no delimiters anymore
Laurie DesJardins: a-s-c-l
Laurie Niles; laurienilesjune; laurie niles: 9:9XX a "s" fXom "c"
Lee Larcheveque; Larcheveque: a-s-c-l
Lee Vengeance; FairlyFolk: a / s / c / L
Len Holton; lholton: a - s - c - l
Len Osland; Leonard Osland: a/ s/ c/ l
Leonard Epstein; lsepstein2: a/s/c/l
Lilli Kuzma: A / s / c
Linda Fahey; Fahey, Linda; David Fuente, Jr.; Fuente: a-s-c-l
Linda Bull: a, c, s
Lora McCullough: a: s  c
Lori Ann Saeki; Lori Saeki: s--a; c (l
Lyle D. Skinner: \na -- "s" -- C -- [l]
Maggie Ferguson; Jere Stormer; Josh Dunson: 9, s, a, c, l&\ns, a, c, l
Mara Noelle; Ruby Slippers; 2mara: s/a/c/L
Marc Gunn, Bard: a/s/c
Mark Helpsmeet: s / c / a
Mark Michaelis: a / s / c / l
Mark Pedersen; pedersen: a / s / c / l
Mark Richardson: a//c//s//L
Mark Tobler; mark tobler; M. Tobler: a/ s/ c/ l
Mary Cliff; mecliff: a:  s\n  c / l
Mary Katherine Aldin; MKAldin; mkaldin: a/s/c/l
Mary Post; M. B. Post; MB Post: a/s/c
Mary Sue Twohy; MarySue.Twohy: a/s/c/l
Matt Watroba; judydyki; mattdj: \na/ s/ c/ l&a, "s", c (l)
Mel DeYoung: a~s~c~l
Menachem Vinegrad: a/s/c/L
Michael Alzo; Mike Alzo: a - c - l\n9) s&9) a - s - c - L
Michael Benson; michael b/WPKN: \ns\na\nc
Michael Benson; michael b: a "s" fXom "c" (9)X
Michael Kane: a,s,c,9,L
Michael Stock; Stock, Michael: a - s - c - L
Michelle Drackett-Smisek: \ns\na\nc\nl
Mike Fitzgerald: \n9. a - s / c
Mike Flynn: 9.s  a---c-'9L&9.s  a-c-'9L
Mike Horyczun; mike horyczun: a - s - c&A / s / c / l
Mike Kelsey; mikek: a / s / c [L
Mike Regenstreif: \nA- s\nc (l)
Mitch Park: 9. a: s "c" L
Monica Ionescu; monica i: 9.a -- s -- c
Nancy Scott: a / s / c
Naomi Soule and Terry Moses; Terry B. Moses and Naomi Soule; nstm1: a - s - c - l
Nathan Salsburg: a/s/c
Nicholas Hill; Nonesuch: A / s / c / l
Nick Barr; Nicholas Barr: a,s,c,l
Nick DiBiasio; americanadj; nickdibiasio: a . s . c . l
Noah Zacharin; moe emu; noahsong: A - s - c - l
Norbert Sarsfield: s, a, c
Norm Mast; nmast: a/s/c
Norman Whitman: 9. a\ns\nc\nl
Otto Bost; FolkDude: \nA - s\n9c, l
Pamela Smith; Pamela A. Smith; psmith: A ~ s ~ c ~ l
Patrice Webb: a/s/c/l
Patrick Clifford: \na | s | c | 9
Paul Hartman: \n9:9PM a "s" c [l]
Paul Hefti; Paul A. Hefti: \na - s - c (L
Paul Porzio: a/s/c
Paul Stamler; Paul J. Stamler: \na - s - c - l
Paula Ascher: a\c\s
Peggy Mitchell; pegm7753: a/s/c/l
Peter Fraissinet: a/ s/ c/ l
Peter Kernast; WtsrLegacy1; wtsrlegacy: \na  c\ns  l
Peter Schiffman: a/s/c
Peter Thompson: A: s/c (l
Peter van Zeijl: 9a - s - c - XXXX
Phil Knipe; PHILLIP KNIPE: \n9s/c/A/l
Rachel Rice; racri: s/a/c
Rainer Zellner: 9s  a  c\nl
Randall Auxier; Randy Auxier: a -- s (c)
Randy Wynne: \na - s - c
Ray Baumler: \na\ns\nc\nl
Rebecca Derry: a / c / s / l
Renee Blue O'Connell: \n"s" - a - c [l
Rhonda J. Miller: \na/s/c/l
Rich Pietrzak: \na "s" fXom c on L&\na / s / c / l
Rich Warren; Robin Wright; Robin Preston Wright: 9. a: s "c" L
Richard Gillmann: \na\s\c\L
Richard Higgs: a/ s/ c/ l
Richard Howard: a/s/c/l
Richard Gordon; mandorichard; 000000210bb389e3-dmarc-request: a/s/c/L
Rik James; d28rik: 9- A - c [l] 9\n\n  s&9- A - c (l) 9\n\n  s
Rob Ellen: a/s/c
Rob Killam; Celtic Tapestry: \na\ns\nc (l)
Rob Thurlow: \na "s" fXom c (l
Robert Resnik; rresnik: a/s/c/l
Robin Pressman; robinpressman: a - s - c - l
Robyne Fawx: a // s\n  c // l
Roger Holdsworth: \nA 's' C (l)
Roger Wise: T acs
Ron Cooke: a - s fXom c
Ron Olesko; rono2: A~"s"~\nc~l&A~"s\n~c~l&A~"s"~~~X\nc~l
Rosemarie Nielsen: \ns\nr\nc
Rusty Smith; Smith, Rusty: s / a / c
Ruth A. Keville: a/s/c/l
Sadie Damascus; damascus: s  9:9a  c
Sandy Miranda; Sandra Miranda Robinett: s~a~c~l
Sandy Stift; Before The Deluge: A / s / c / l
Sara Barden: 9.  s, a, c
Scott Aycock; Scott Meredith Aycock: s...c...a&s....c....a&\n  a - c\n  s&s~~9:9~a~c&s  c  a
Sean McGowan: a/s/c
Seppo Vuorio: a - s - c (L
Sharon Downes: \na/s/c
Sheila Shigley; Shigley: s | a | c
Simon Dillon: \na / s / c / l
Simon-Pierre Beaudet: a - s - c - l
Sonnie Brown: a - s - c - l
Sonny Ochs/XM: a/s/c
Sonny Ochs; sonny.ochs: a - s/ c
Sonja Hedlund; Rpmjosh: \ns  9:9a  c
Stephanie Elkins; shigley: s ::: a ::: c (l)
Steve Brockway; STEVEQA; steveqa; 000001466d3cd29d-dmarc-request: A // s / c / L
Steve Clarke; actonion: \na\ns\nc /l
Steve Edge; steveedgeonfolk: 9. a, c, s
Steve Fisher: \na / s / c / l
Steve Harris; Stephen Harris; STEPHEN HARRIS; steve@MYMOUNTAINCOUNTRY: a / s / c / l
Steve Jerrett; Steven M. Jerrett: \n9a\n  s\n  c  l
Steve Pritchard; steve pritchard; stevepritchard: a / s / c / l
Steve Rouse: \na\ns\nc\nl
Stu Weaver; Stu_Weaver; stu@MUSICIAN.ORG: a /~s /~c
Sue Kessell; SHKessell; shkessell; 0000032995349ce1-dmarc-request: a/s/c/l
Susan Forbes Hansen; FLKCZARINA/John Sloan: s / a / c / l
Susan Forbes Hansen; FLKCZARINA; flkczarina; 0000004c7c62972d-dmarc-request: 9.a: s (c), l
Susanna Danner; a \ s \ c \ l
Susi Lanagan: a | s | c | L
Suzi Wollenberg; Suzanne Wollenberg: A / s / c / l
Tamara Lewis; TAMARALEWIS: a / s / c
Taylor Caffery: A--s--c--l
Terri Fatseas: a / s / c / l
Terry Brent Moses: \na - s - c - l
Terry Carpenter; etc56; Etc56: 9. s - a - c [l]
Terry Doyle: s/a/c
Terry Fatseas: a / s / c / L
Terry Hayden: s | a | c
Terry O'Laughlin; terryo; Terry O: a~s~c~L
Thomas Bisard; Bisard; mrbiz/Song: \na\ns\n\n"c"\n(l)
Thomas Bisard; Bisard; mrbiz/Spins: Nix - no song name given
Thomas Callahan; CALLAHAN,THOMAS DAVID: a/s/c
Tim Bray: \na "s" XXXX c oX l
Tim Forsman: T acs
Tim Quackenbush: 9:9XX-9:9XX (9:9) a "s fXom c on L
Timothy Downey; Tim Downey; tim downey: a/s/c/l
Tish McCarthy; jayoungr: 9. a: s (c/l)
Todd Gross; The Shuffle: a/s/c/l
Todd Jagger: a/s/c
Todd Tyson; folkbloke: A/s/c/L
Tom Bingham: \na - s - c
Tom Bohan; tom bohan: a - c - s - L
Tom Coxworth; folkroutes; Folkroutes: \n9a\ns\nc&\na\n\ns\n\nc
Tom Druckenmiller; littlecat; Mark D. Moss: a/s/c/l
Tom Funk; tom funk; tomfnk: a "s" fXom c on l
Tom Martin-Erickson; Martin-Erickson: \ns\na\nc\nL
Tom MacArthur; TOM MACARTHUR: 9) a - s - c&9. a / s / c&a / s / c
Tracey L. Craig; Tracey Linton Craig; tcraig: a/s/c/l
Trevor Ruffell/BLUEGRASS: s  a  c
Trevor Ruffell/WAY OUT WEST: s  a  c
Trevor Ruffell; comus: 9.s  a  c
Valerie Cormier; Cormier; cormier; folkoasis: a - s\nc (L)
Wanda Fischer: \na\ns\nc
Wayne Greene: \na / s / c
William J. Wolfe: \na "s" XXXX c (l
Zak Marmalefsky: \na~s~c~l
WTJU Folk: 9. s - *a* - c [l]&s - *a* - c [l]

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