Richard Gillmann with Kamaka tenor ukulele onstage at SUPA

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Free Ukulele Tab Links

These tabs are for high G (gCEA) tuned ukes, unless otherwise noted. Some give full tablature, others just the chords and lyrics. All are free downloads, unless otherwise noted.


808 Uke Jams (Maui) - Christmas
Alex W.'s Tabulaturen - in German, ADF#B tuning, La Vie En Rose, Tico Tico
BasikUke - songs and riffs
Mike Bonnice - Hawaiian
Brook Adams, Ukulaneys, Eugene, OR
Beatles - fancy web site!
Big Muffin - includes some chord melody tabs
Jim Bottorff - for plectrum banjo, charts work also for ukes
Bristol Ukulele Band - popular songs
Bytown Ukulele Group - pop, classic rock, long list
Capotasto - Morning Has Broken, Scarborough Fair, etc.
Chordie - huge selection, transposes, GCEA and ADF#B tunings
Combative Ukulele - Clash, U2, etc.
Crazydawg - full tabs, many w/video
Jerry Dallal's Christmas Carols for Uke
Doctor Uke - folk and standards - big collection
Dominator - many charts, nice
Durham Ukulele Group - mostly swing
ezFolk - traditional folk songs
Fleabag songbook of traditional folk songs, plus chord charts
Richard G - another Richard G (not me) -- classic rock mostly
Got A Ukulele - easy charts for pop, folk, country, Hawaiian
Howlin' Hobbit - orginals
Huapala - Hawaiian, very extensive, mostly lyrics
Ed Kalua - folk
Kanikapila US Lyrics and Chords - Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet, etc.
Karuah Ukulele Group (Australia) - standards and more
Live 'Ukulele - pop, Hawaiianm both songsheets and tab
Petey Mack - easy singalong
Mele 'Ohana - Hawaiian, even some large print
Ken Middleton - bluegrass & celtic, also fills and endings
Moselele (UK) - more recent songs
Music-Folk-Play-Hymns - hymns
PDF-Minstrel - fingerpicking, public domain songs
New Orleans Jambook = jazz
Pineapple Pete - Inchworm and We'll Meet Again
Répertoire des Tablatures - many recent (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Coldplay, etc.)
Sacred uke - hymns etc.
San Jose Ukulele Club - dots for beats
ShadowFlare - video game themes, etc.
Sheep Entertainment - play along
Sonic Uke - covers and parodies
Spike - Arlo Guthrie, Judy Collins, etc.
SUSA - Salem, Oregon - many charts, with uke chord boxes
TabUkulele - French language
The Uke - old songs
Tiki King - unique
Joseph Todaro - assorted fingerpicking, even ragtime
Tropical Storm - Hawaiian
Uke_lady - "Sweet Leilani" plus many $3 tabs
UkeJams - nice charts
Ukeland - even some lead sheets
Ukepix - folk songs
Ukester Brown - standards, oldies
Ukucafe - in French
Ukulele Boogaloo - large collection of songs with chord diagrams. Some with sound files.
Uke of Carl - theme songs etc.
Ukulele Chords - contemporary rock and pop chord sheets
Ukulele Club Songbooks - so many!
Ukulele Dave, fingerpicking, in French
Ukulele Hunt - Oingo Boingo, Misfits
Ukulele Social Club de Picardie - French, English, videos - general rock and pop, chords and words
Ukulele-Tabs - large collection, mostly recent songs
Ukulele Tricks - beginner, intermediate and advanced
Ukulele WikiWiki - easy strumming

Uke Chords

The Ukulele Chord Helper
UkuleleChords - GCEA chords, including m7b5 and such
Brian's Chord List
Sheep Entertainment
UkeGeeks - chord tools
Ukulele Chord Chart
The CHORDS Page (extensive)
Ukulele Chord Namer
Free Blank Tab paper
4-string Chord Finder
Chord Diagram Collections for pasting into documents and webpages

Old Sheet Music

UCLA Digital Library Sheet Music Project
UCLA Sheet Music Consortium
Duke Historic American Sheet Music
Duke sheet music collection - 1920 and earlier
Lester Levy Sheet Music Archive (Johns Hopkins)
Indiana University Sheet Music Collection
The National Jukebox - Library of Congress, old public domain recordings

Instructional Videos and Podcasts

Uke Tuner
Ukulele Tutorials - pop, rock, Hawaiian
Easy Ukulele Songs (podcasts)
Franklin's strumming video lessons
Richard Hefner's Strumming Patterns for the Ukulele
Janet Klein "Tonight You Belong To Me" - ADF#B tuning
Jeffrey Thomas - contemporary pop
Ukulele Mike Lynch
Ukulele Underground
Beginner Uke Lessons
Learn Ukulele

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