Carrot Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

It's not always so easy to get a vegetarian meal in Paris, especially if your French is along the lines of "La plume de ma tante est sur la table." But there are some fine health food / vegetarian places. Vegetarian Paris offers many gourment choices.

I first made this list before we went (September 1995) and the initial comments are from memory six months later. We only made it to two of them. My high school French was good enough to work in regular bistros most of the time. When ordering a salad, it's good to order it "sans jambon" as they may sprinkle little bits of ham on otherwise.

Since then, many people on the Internet have sent me additional information, which I have incorporated into the listings below. I'm leaving out info on American and Mexican restaurants - I'm not going all the way to Paris to eat what I can get at home! I've decided to also leave off Thai restaurants, because fish and seafood sauces are so commonly used in Thai cuisine.

Bon appetit! -- Richard Gillmann

Vegetarian Restaurants

Name, arrondissement, address, telephone, Metro, review (reviewer's initials). Note that some of these establishments may have a couple of seafood items on the menu.

Restaurants with Vegetarian Entrees

Here are some other web pages giving information on veggie restaurants in Paris:

You can find addresses, telephone numbers and street maps online at Les Pages Jaunes. They also have photos of most businesses, which is a nice touch.

Some comments from Mike and Linda Hutchinson: "General observations are that vegetarian restaurants in Paris are strongly biased towards the dietetic rather than the gastronomic. Be prepared to eat lots of grated carrot, in salads, flans, cakes etc. A ‘Zen Plate' was offered in all three vegetarian places we visited and was actually a good bet since it offers variety in the shape of small portions of grated root (carrot or celeriac), green salad, rice, seaweed, beans, etc. We also lunched in non-vegetarian places (e.g. the Louvre) where onion, leek (poirreau) or carrot (see above!) flans were frequent items and acceptable if one eats eggs."

Debra Friedman writes: "There are also several excellent felafel restaurants in the Jewish Quarter; along with Jo Goldenberg's Deli, which serves potato pancakes and Kasha and a number of dairy dishes."

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