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Seattle has a lot of good music going on - here are some schedules - and Shelly and I enjoy attending concerts in the area.

Spinning some platters

I was a weekly folk DJ on KBCS, 91.3 FM, Bellevue/Seattle. My show was called "Lunch With Folks" and I hosted this folk music show for 12 years.  I have a website which is the home page for the email list FOLKDJ-L. I wrote a computer program which compiles the top CDs by airplay, as determined by playlists posted to this group. Archives of my folk charts are here. Also, see my song theme lists.  In recent years, my charts have been used by Folk Alliance to choose their Album of the Year and Artist of the Year.

If you've got a folk CD you'd like played, you can send it to the Music Director at KBCS.It will be reviewed and considered for addition to the station library.

I'm an ex-member of the concert committee of the Seattle Folklore Society. Shelly and I produced a CD of local artists for SFS, called A Musical Doorway. It was released in April, 2001.

I have played acoustic fingerpicking guitar for over 45 years now. I'm not a professional - I play mostly for my own enjoyment. I sing and play various instruments with Coffee'n' Dirt, and sometimes the Happy Campers.

I've attended the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop many times. Shelly likes it too - and she hardly plays the guitar! It's a great getaway - just devote yourself to your picking for a whole week. Great event, great folks - do it!

These days I most often play the ukulele and melodica. I have tenor resonator uke that is my favorite.  It's made by Ron Phillips.  I also have a tenor Kamaka ukulele. I sometimes play with the Seattle Ukulele Players' Association. Visit my page of ukulele tab links.

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